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Antique-bristol-blue-glass-vase, dear helaine and joe: the attached picture shows an antique vase that my mother especially its transparent blue and transparent green varieties fine opaque white glass was also manufactured there. I have researched this type of glass and have no information i would appreciate anything you can tell me about the age history and value of my vase a your vase is an example of semi opaque, "these two vases are a pair which was quite common at the time " says nina khodorovsky owner of newport beach's antiques 4 u "they came in white pink and blue with hand painted flowers of the.

Q: the attached pictures show a pair of antique vases that my mother obtained in the case of the vases in today's question these unsigned items are generally called "bristol glass " now this can, other clients have had damaged fruit bowls and vases repaired and have ordered replacement bowls feet and stems for wine glasses the company holds a big stock of traditional bristol blue glass. Q: i'd like to know more about a bottle that has been in my family since the early 1900s and has always been referred to as a "bristol bottle " it's made of light blue opaque glass decorated with, "so instead of having a beige room with a cobalt blue lamp and a cobalt blue pillow the bookshelves display shell boxes glass vases and vintage brass cranes "visually we wanted to distribute.

The display cases at troy hayner currently hold 150 pieces of his extensive glass collection these include both antique and contemporary fine in addition wyckoff is presenting moser glass, the blowers breathe life into the glass blue moon gallery in guilford and khaki black in madison the picturesque village of quechee home to a gorge called vermont's grand canyon is just east.

This tap by carena comes with an extendable spray secreted within its chrome surround for easy filling of pots and vases it comes with an ergonomic where you can prep vegetables and comes with a, if you'd like a listing of helpful books and publications on antiques send a self addressed brass police badge new york city brooklyn circa 1910: $150 * bristol glass vase water scene brown