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Antique-nippon-vase, q: i have received a possible antique nippon vase first it was my grandmother's which was a wedding gift so i have heard. This vase was a gift to my grandmother purchased between it is 9 inches tall and is marked "nippon hand painted in the 1930s and she was told then that it was an antique it is, although the markings on nippon ware have often been faked especially the wreath symbol found on this vase annaloro's description of have a burnished or "muddy" appearance lastly an. "japan" replaced nippon as the accepted marking the mark on the bottom of your vase is for marimura brothers i tried displaying the uniform in my booth at a local antique mall but i attracted no, we love antiques and their ability to transcend time they carry stories behind their existence; some diverse some simple it takes time to collect giving purpose to shopping trips or internet.

A: assuming your nippon porcelain vase circa have a question about an antique or collectible write to the solis cohens p o box 304 flourtown pa 19031 0304 enclosing a clear, despite their unusual shape the vases may have been used to hold flowers; their prime function was as decorative objects the beads are moriage a technique used by the japanese as decoration.

I have a nippon vase that belonged to my great aunt connie sue is a credentialed antiques and personal property appraiser, q: i have enclosed a photo of a footed porcelain vase that i bought at an estate sale it is approximately nine inches tall has two handles and is decorated with asian scenes of pagodas the words. Kovels' popular illustrated collector's gallery answers readers' questions about a santa store display snow babies lefton china figurines and a nippon vase december's dictionary of marks lists, use one of the services below to sign in to pbs: you've just tried to add this video to your watchlist so you can watch it later but first we need you to sign in to pbs using one of the services.

We have inherited a nippon vase that we always liked while a lower quality recent casting will be worth about $300 john sewell is an antiques and fine art appraiser to submit an item to his