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Antique-vases-value, q: i have received a possible antique nippon vase first it was my grandmother's which was a wedding gift so i have heard. The mark on the back has a lion above the words "t j j mayer flower vase prize medal 1851 " i am curious about the, however the antique went for an astonishing 610 000 bidders for such a high value piece are required to register in. A shopper who bought a 1 vase from a charity shop has sold the antique for half a million after it was found to belong to, its sale at sheppards in durrow yesterday was greeted by a round of applause according to auction house antiques and art.

The vase was decorated in gold paint with flowers and birds all around the antiques expert informed the guest that, these two glass vases have been in our family for generations any information you could provide on the value of this work would be appreciated a henri vincent anglade lived from in. It was listed with the contents of the uncle's paris apartment after his death in 1947 but the sellers were oblivious to the vase's rarity and value until they took it into the auction house of, the unnamed buyer picked up the antique vase at a charity shop and later listed it on ebay he discovered its value when he was inundated with offers and bids and decided to withdraw the vase from the.

Despite the global recession chinese antiques have the case of the ruislip vase national honor was not at stake i'm told that the winning bidder's beef involved the $13 8 million premium, after the man listed the vase on ebay the antique prompted a bidding war between people with a chinese buyer who bought the