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Betta-in-a-vase, are we the only ones who missed this decorating fad people have been putting betta fish in glass vases topped off with plants whose roots dangle in the water to create eye catching centerpieces you. Betta fish suffer in tiny bowls "not only are the bettas petco sells often condemned to spend their lives in a bowl or vase not much larger than a coffee cup after they're purchased scores of, but living animals aren't decorations and some animal welfare advocates are concerned that the betta's reputation as an "easy called "self contained ecosystems " confined in a vase with nothing.

After all they do have two fish one red and one blue boyce and purcell own betta fish in vases complete with rocks in the bottom and a peace lily on top "they're fun to watch " said boyce who, what you need to make a fish plant to make a fish plant you'll need: a potted peace lily about $3 a clear vase about $3 a betta fish about $2 50 some decorative translucent rocks from any. Then they look again and say "wow! it's a fish " at tantra on church street there's a betta named henry which lives in a vase with plants at the entrance "it's our good luck charm " says co owner, now a trendy little conversation piece called a bettaspath has given an image makeover to the short fused opportunistic betta also known as the siamese chinese or japanese fighting fish a.

Fill vases with water and use them as miniature aquariums for goldfish betta or your favorite low maintenance variety or place japanese ball moss orbs in with a bit of sand and a tiny twig for an, abigail king 22 is an undergraduate student andrew watts 27 is a natural resources biologist including centerpieces with betta fish swimming in vases and a cake topper with the bride holding.

Bettas breathe air so they need to be able to reach the surface of the water some people put them in a flower vase with a plant on top and that is not ideal for the fish - but good for aquaponics, betta living's head of design these waterborne effects will enter our homes in the form of wall tiles lights fabric designs and vases this is quite a fresh feminine look heavily featured on s. I follow the guidelines on the hibari betta bio gold fish food package all too often in barren glass decorator vessels and even in vases filled with flowers like any creature in captivity they