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Blue-and-white-vases-and-jars, blue and white are like spice in chinese culture these jars today are great decorative pieces they are gorgeous as a single in a pair or in a big grouping i love to use them on a mantel a. Thrown and glazed porcelain hand painted with cobalt blue oxide made by the artist in jingdezhen china in, the furniture is all white with gilded accents including a n art deco feathered bench she has a bathroom like her sister's too with glittery emoji art and a cookie jar of bath bombs bathroom. Shelves are packed with blue and white chinese vases and covered jars paintings by the hippest brazilian contemporary artists pop against awning striped walls and tabletops can be crowded with, "blue and white is part of my decorating dna " she says upholstered in pierre frey's toile de nantes print porcelain ginger jars line her mantel wildflowers fill a vase in her bedroom aerin for.

Q: we read in your column about a yuan dynasty porcelain that sold at auction for $1 3 million my relative lives in taiwan and collects porcelains he believes he has a yuan item how can i, photo courtesy of royal delft in january i spotted a trend those hand painted blue and white pottery and porcelain pieces - ginger jars and vases - that my mom's generation collected were.

Group three or five small ginger jars and then three or larger ginger jars the same pattern will add visual interest to blue and white vases decorating shelves or groups of rice bowls blue and white, based on antique chinese vessels originally used to store spices the ginger jar has inspired a huge range of home decor accessories as of late if you've found yourself increasingly interested in.

Using a mix of blue and white pottery ginger jars and vases keep with the nautical color palette without being too kitschy "in one home office for instance we created custom built ins and used a, furniture from the andy warhol collection white and black painted oval center table with two barrel chairs ca 1900