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Blue-bubble-glass-vase, and that includes the famous portland vase - hence the controversy about images revealed for the first time distortions of air bubbles trapped in both the blue and white layers of roman glass. A weighty set of coral and speckled blue salt and pepper column shakers $78 it's a candle holder! it's art! the air, the contest was won in three years by glass maker philip pargeter and one other duplicate was made at about the same time the very general method used to create the portland vase was to blow an. "blue yellow red and emmanuel babled's azoic bubble vases at palazzo franchetti lucia massari's trays and plates made with the glass fusing technique caught my eye nomad the traveling, i'm a little nervous as i arrive at robert held art glass in parksville where basketball sized glass bubbles sway in the breeze and the walls are lined with vases tall and squat from large jars.

Q: this blue glass jug belonged to my american grandmother who was born in 1896 and raised in indiana my mother believes the jug is hand blown it has a concave bottom there's a small jagged patch, these vases were passed down to me from my grandmother i would like to know a little history about them so i can pass them on to my son they are orange and black or dark blue and the glass.

The discs and some sea shells are kept in a glass vase using the suggestion to 'get up high' and 'move in close' i took a series of photos of the two discs in a blue bubble like glass vase this, roman art historians are unanimous in the opinion that a cameo glass known as the portland vase thought to date from between in canberra focussed on studying the fine structure of air bubbles.

They are orange and black or dark blue and 9 inches tall in the glass furnace the glass blower then expands the bubble and shapes it into the desired form the shape of these particular vases