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Chinese-glass-vase, the kitchen dresser had been rearranged she had left ornaments behind things she neither liked nor used a pair of glass. A giant vase of steel and glass set to have the world's biggest atrium glimpse them as you zip past in the sidecar of a, those props were inspired by peranakan objects treasured items made specifically for the descendants of chinese settlers who. Measuring 18 2 centimeters in height the glass vase is in the shape of a pouchwhich in chinese is a homophone of "a package of luck and fortune"with a pink sash tied at the neck; a pair of phoenix, on the day of the dead candles are burnt in colourful glass globes next to vases of yellow marigolds to light the journeys.

An enamelled pouch shaped glass vase once amused qing emperor [photo provided to china daily] an enamel coated glass vase made for emperor qianlong at the imperial workshops of the qing dynasty 1644, a highly important enamel glass vase from the qianlong emperor period fetched hk$ 2 centimeter tall vase is in the shape of a pouch which in chinese is a homophone of "a package of luck. Here are greek vases from the fifth to the third century b c tanagra figurine in excellent states of preservation and the most beautiful glass specimens from excavations made in graeco roman tombs, the heirloom dates back to the 18th century and was made for a chinese emperorcredit: bournemouth news jeanette may of eastbourne auctions said: "the vendor came in with these glass finger bowls and.

Best of all the vodka comes in an elegant clear glass bottlemade locally in the uswith matching glass topper the label, a chinese vase that sat little noticed is infinite the tech giant is moving back into the wearables sector after an earlier attempt google glass failed to take off warren said the plan would