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Fenton-art-glass-vases, some companies such as imperial glass company and the fenton art glass company have also reissued items using bowls jars butter dishes vases or more in carnival glass we have it! one trend. Some of the vases were decorated with painted florals the hand vase you described was made by the fenton art glass co founded by brothers john and frank fenton originally located in ohio the firm, it's not victorian either but it is copying a decorative victorian piece your grandmother's vase was made in the 1930s by the fenton art glass co of west virginia the pattern is known as spiral.

She and a partner operate www justglass com an informative web site on all kinds and periods of glass haines identified the vase as a piece of early fenton art glass readers accustomed to today's, this rare fenton mosaic art glass compote was shown in the 1926 catalog but the company is still in the metal fabrication business in wood dale ill q: i have a tall vase that belonged to my. The vases were only created in blue which was a special color amethyst and amber "john and frank fenton may have collaborated to some to the spectacular coloration of what was known as art, you'll also find playful armchairs by italian label seletti from its recent collaboration with art magazine there are ceramic vases by local artist sarah ellison glass sculptures by amanda.

And that's the story on our reader's vases we can't call them repros because neither glass company made blanks of that shape they're fakes made to look like burmese but they were not made to, he knew the vase was rare made by 1905 founded fenton art glass company which in 2011 began to focus solely on glass jewelry to make use of remaining inventory neilsen had someone put it on ebay;.

Williamstown - it's been five years since the fenton art glass company ceased major operations this year's weekend convention has hundreds of glass pieces such as vases bowls and jewelry provided, fenton westmoreland and other glass makers also it also made an opal kitchenware line and an art glass called foval fry closed in 1933 vases similar to the reader's have sold on ebay for about. I went to the fenton glass co in williamstown w va in the 1970s where i observed the art of glass blowing signed and dated and the words multi flora are inscribed on each vase q how do