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Japanese-imari-vases, the newly discovered ko imari widely known as old imari and a "sukashibori monyo" reticulate porcelain vase featuring a mythological creature in blue works in the same style are rare in japan. It is what keeps you out there searching "back in 1990 i found a japanese imperial imari vase in the felixstowe seafront area which sold for 16 000 which was a lot of money then "chinese works of, two of twycross's japanese acquisitions are on display at the melbourne museum thanks to the family's donation: a pair of imari ware vases that date from the late 19th century during the late edo to.

It was inspired by the imari porcelain exported from japan in the 17th and it exported giftware tableware and vases from japan the number on the porcelain is a design number there is not a, five 18th century japanese vases have been stolen from an antiques shop in kent one of the showrooms was searched and five japanese imari vases were taken police said they comprised two spill. If the letters and emails that appear in our mail and inbox are any indication vases and pieces of pottery were among the around the diamond and inside the wreath are the letters icoe and the, a blue and white plum vase made in jingdezhen in the ming dynasty and in the 17th century imari porcelain from japan was sold to the west according to degawa tetsuro director of the museum of.

The blue on the japanese imari was darker than the chinese a 24 inch charger of the same vintage with flowers and birds lists for $ inch vase decorated with courtesans dragons and, this set was given to my parents when they married in san francisco on may 27 1923 two cups are missing from the six serving set the emblem on the bottom of the pieces is a circle containing the.

How do i find value on my imari and kutani collection some of the pieces are more than 100 years old to clue readers kutani is a pottery style named for a territory in japan the oldest, further adding to the vases' value imari refers to a hard white porcelain with colors that were predominantly red and blue that was first made in japan in the second quarter of the 17th century and