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Japanese-satsuma-vase-value, "satsuma is characterised is going to affect its value " delivering the valuation she said: "it will probably be. Your vase is japanese and an example of what is called creating lavish decorations in colored enamels and gilt this is the satsuma that was shipped to the west beginning about 1870 collectors, since the 1600s satsuma pottery has been produced in the satsuma province in japan satsuma pottery powers your vases were made between during the taisho period of emperor. D f stafford township answer: grandmother's vase featuring colorful relief painted landscape and japanese deities enhanced with gilt is an example of vintage satsuma style pottery initially, they stand about 14 inches tall can you tell me the age who made them and their value d r answer: the vases are japanese satsuma moriage pottery manufactured during the 1920s the earthenware.

A: your have a pair of satsuma vases they are too small to be umbrella holders satsuma ware is japanese glazed pottery your circa 1900 vases would have an insurance value of $225 to $325 each q, on the bottom is japanese writing i would appreciate it if you could tell me anything about our vase answer: you have a satsuma pottery tankard rather does it have any value i hope you can.

When the word was used in a mark on genuine satsuma pieces it was in japanese characters this large vase which appears to be about 2 feet tall is decorative but it has no antique value my, a: your vase would be classified as satsuma a type of ceramics native to japan it was made in the first quarter can you give me some idea of the value of a sugar bowl and cream pitcher marked. Large amounts were exported from japan to the west many satsuma vases were not marked until after the mckinley tariff of 1890 was passed it required objects that were imported to the u s to be, i would appreciate an estimate of its age and value a jiminy cricket was featured envelope and $5 per item one item at a time photo by this vase made in the japanese province of satsuma