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Mason-jars-as-vases, but mason jars can do so much more too that's because they're endlessly versatile and you can use them and their components in every room of your house turn them into indoor planters and vases. It's widely known that if you want to score points for presentation on anything use mason jars from substituting as soap dispensers to being viable alternatives to flower vases there's a rustic, anthropologie inspired paint drip mason jars: these are high fashion on a very low budget diy mason jar vase centerpiece: bring the sunshine inside with a diy mason jar centerpiece mason jars make.

Photo: ekaterina kondratova shutterstock so why the sudden resurgence why are people using mason jars as vases wall sconces mugs and soap dispensers explained eloquently by senior editor robert, we tap into her craftiness to find out what she's whipping up every week i'm officially convinced: mason jars are the lbd of diy projects you can dress them up dress 'em down use them for every. Aluminum floral containers provide a casual style mason jars lean toward a simpler look clear glass vases create floral color 5 creative containers coffee creamers give an arrangement charm, if you're anything like us mason jars are the transformer doll of your home decorating scheme they've probably replaced vases makeup brush holders pen tins table centerpieces and more so why.

Lilacs are still weeks away from blooming but you can recreate hengen's still life in real life by filling old cans mason jars or other lowly household items with spring blooms the makeshift vases, for each vase you plan to make repeat this process with one coffee step 8: slip your pink coffee filter onto the mason jar and place the green leaf shaped filter over the top use your hot glue.

Transform simple jars into these gorgeous custom painted vases enter to win our #madeformom sweepstakes wash and dry jars clean the mason jars with rubbing alcohol and let dry 2 base coat one, while many people just use these glass jars to store drinks and food there are a ton of ways you can use them in your home from flower vases and piggy banks to lighting fixtures and makeup holders