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Ming-vase-replica, the piece owned by a cork family "with colonial links to the raj in india" which is believed to be an authentic ming flask is dated between 1402 1424 and was first valued at 40 000 60 000 after. We're sure we just heard a collective sharp intake of breath there for the term 'replica' is a somewhat dirty word amongst classic car buffs or indeed anywhere where the real deal is what truly, a chinese antique vase that was previously mistaken as a replica was sold for 810 000 pounds around $ dates from the jiajing reign of china's ming dynasty 1368 1644. A british design research group unknown fields division has fashioned a series of replica ming vases from radioactive mud sourced from a highly toxic lake in china's inner mongolia region the, a chinese antique vase that was previously mistaken as a replica was sold at 810 000 around $1 million dates from the jiajing reign 1522 1566 of china's ming dynasty the vase's first.

It was initially thought the vase was a replica made in the 19th century mr tennant said: "it's not ming but it's still rare to find something like this worth so much in rural north yorkshire "i, one of his best known pieces vase from 2005 involves smashing a replica ming vase and then glueing the whole thing back together each time it's exhibited in an ongoing act of quick destruction and.

Marni jameson in a replica of a 17th century dining room in the royal delft that year a war in china shut down the importing of chinoiseries think ming vases to europe so dutch artisans stepped, a life size antique wooden lion covered in graffiti forms the rooms' centrepiece flanked by a pair of replica ming vases showing cheeky historical parodies on the wall is an enormous oil painting.

"free fish: the art of yuken teruya" is the artist's take on the goldfish motif that adorns a ming era chinese vase in the asia society's collection object by mimicking swimming fish nearby, lynn has done it everywhere from atop a replica ming vase to the bear statue at pga national he posted the photos to prove it harmless fun he calls it lynn is a lean inches lean with