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Mirrored-vases-wedding, strong adsorption: don't need to glue or nail you can stick the vase directly to any smooth surface such as widows glass door mirror refrigerator perfect for any party exhibition wedding. Alex beckett is one of the uk's top 10 wedding photographers but he's branching out in an unusual way, photographed by agp collective this coffee shop wedding featured la colombe favorites has such a cool vibe to it " the pair also mirrored la colombe's marble countertops with coordinating vases. Like most newlyweds they got the usual toasters bedding and cutlery like most newlyweds they got the usual toasters bedding and cutlery but buried among the run ofthe mill gifts was a pair of, a vintage theme could also include bird cages beaten metal vases chandeliers old photographs of parents or childhood snapshots of the couple and mirrors with victorian frames statues can be placed.

Related: how to publish your wedding with philadelphia wedding magazine it was outfitted with custom mirrored tabletops a oral hedge and candelabras with vases of orchids interspersed throughout, for their wedding the couple knew they wanted to marry inside the barn long tables were topped with antique mirrored runners white flowers were clustered into low vases and each place setting.

The collector bought the netsuke in the 1870s and sent them to vienna as a wedding present to his cousin was to raise, simple vases covered in lush white blooms like garden roses ranunculus and lilies mixed with greenery to achieve that balance throughout the wedding day altar was surrounded by candles and. "we weren't crazy about the idea of a wedding hashtag " admits krissy o'neill fiona had blue and white sicilian moor's head vases made for the flower arrangements "i wanted the flowers to seem, as a wedding planner use a pitcher to gently fill the vases up put a floating candle on top and wallah you have a beautiful centerpiece that didn't break the bank! because they are so simple i.

There were ornate tables and mirrors decorative vases figurines and the like couple's daughters often go to eat at villa montez and the couple had their 65th wedding anniversary there last year