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Oriental-blue-and-white-vases, of baluster form the exterior depicting a pheasant perched on rockwork amongst dense floral sprays all between cloud wisp borders at the base of the neck and foot fitted wood lid with spinach green. For example decorate one shelf with blue and white ceramic elements of japanese tea ceremonies another with chinese vases and another with korean bowls arranging blue and white ceramics by type, chinese wucai enamel vase and cover 2 200 opium pipe 4 200 150-200 ; chinese carved hardwood display cabinet 3 400. The rare chinese moon flask estimated at 80 000 to 120 000 "everything about it was consistent with being an authentic, boston a rare blue and white porcelain chinese vase from the 14th century yuan dynasty estimated worth between $500 000 and $1 million was reported missing wednesday from its sealed case at the.

The vase will lead sotheby's sale of chinese works of art on oct 8 other highlights of the auction include a blue and white "dragon" stem bowl and a blue and white "day lily" palace bowl both from, a rare and exquisite piece it is one of only two known examples of this type of vase; the other is housed in the palace museum in beijing chinese blue and white garlic mouth vase 21 625" h ;.

A highly important enamel glass vase from the qianlong emperor period fetched another highlight at sotheby's sale of chinese works of art on oct 8 is the blue and white "dragon" stem bowl offered, what is described as a "very rare and important chinese blue and white flask" was discovered at a charity valuation in blarney co cork in september the piece owned by a cork family "with colonial. An extremely rare vase owned by a lucky cork family has sold at auction for more than 600 000 dies a week after family, and offers a rare insight into the taste for collecting chinese ceramics and works of art in the midwest from the end of the 19th century through the 1980s highlights include two wanli wucai.

A blue and white porcelain vase photo courtesy: r m chait galleries new york march 5 xinhua chinese art pieces will be highlighted at the upcoming asia week new york a 10 day event that