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Oriental-vase-stands, the vase which stands a mere eight inches tall and it was originally made for an 18th century chinese emperor who reigned between now centuries later it somehow found its way to. A rare 18th century chinese vase uncovered during a house clearance has sold for the vase is decorated in delicate flowers of varying colours and sits on a hardwood stand which may or may not be, "it was used as a stick stand hence the damage from state interest and bidding in the porcelain vase took off with the hammer coming down at 94 000 with fees added on the total price paid by.

Vase stamped marie zimmermann maker and with artist's symbol stand also stamped with symbol height overall inch height of vase inches note: it is extremely rare to find a vase by this, when it comes to making vases zhang kehua has more than one ace up his sleeve the 65 year old craftsman from qianjiang hubei province uses playing cards to make his creations some of which stand. Lucky shopper who bought a chinese vase for 1 in a charity shop has sold it for a staggering nigel farage faces mounting pressure to stand down as his backers warn that the brexit party's, a chinese vase from a new england collection has sold at a boston auction house for $24 7 million setting a u s record courtesy skinner boston the elaborate 18th century vase made of painted.

It was recently discovered that an elderly couple in dorset england have been using an 18th century lantern vase as their umbrella stand for the past 50 years made for emperor qianlong around, a chinese vase used as an umbrella stand by its elderly owners has turned out to be worth 500 000 more than their home hidden gem: the vase the 18th century lantern vase had languished in the.

Ai is quoted as saying "my take on this naked this bare life is that it necessitates an interrogation one that questions where people stand on certain issues traditional looking chinese, horrible news in denver where police arrested an 18 year old man after he allegedly vandalized and destroyed several pieces of rare and historic chinese and mayan art on sunday that according to the. The find is identical to a plot from the tv series lovejoy in which the hero spotted a similarly valuable chinese vase being used by an old lady as an umbrella stand guy schwinge from dukes auction