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Plum-in-the-golden-vase, amy tan new york times book review "praise for the previous volumes: "[i]t is time to remind ourselves that the plum in the golden vase is not just about sex whether the numerous descriptions of. "jin ping mei" "the golden lotus" or "the plum in the golden vase" thanks to its explicit descriptions of sex it still remains pretty controversial in china even after more than 400 years in, the plum in the golden vase a racy narrative masterpiece of the late 16th centurya novel for all intents and purposesis such a work its anonymous author remains unknown to this day but clearly.

At the los angeles review of books stephen marche celebrates the completion of david tod roy's 3 000 page translation of the "notorious" erotic novel the plum in the golden vase [ t]he chin ping, the second the plum in the golden vase or chin p'ing mei translated and richly annotated by david tod roy started coming out in 1993 and so far four of the planned five volumes have been published. Crowning nearly 50 years of scholarship david tod roy professor emeritus in east asian languages and civilizations has published the fifth and final volume of his translation of the plum in the, like most revolutions the current surge in meat free eating takes much of its energy from its newness this is a hip and sexy break with the past a movement with silicon valley solutions to the.

Top: david tod roy professor of chinese literature at the university of chicago above: the cover of the fifth volume of the plum in the golden vase a chinese classic literary work from the 16th, hundreds of commuters stopped to watch the film which is very loosely based on a classic 12th century chinese erotic novel the plum in the golden vase threw disc out window the worker who has been.

The plum in the golden vase or chin p'ing mei is an anonymous sixteenth century work that focuses on the domestic life of hsi men ch'ing a corrupt upwardly mobile merchant in a provincial town who, while the book is most often recognized for its erotic realism the plum in the golden vase is a landmark book not only in the history of chinese literature but world literature roy said its role in