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Royal-doulton-vase, the grandfather of the owner of this salt glazed vase worked for the royal doulton pottery at lambeth in the 1930s he was invited by the factory to choose any piece from the collection and this was. Decorated with vine grapes and leaves glazed; together with a royal doulton stoneware vase by eliza simmance c 1902 incised and slip decorated with clematis and leaves glazed impressed factory, the factory closed in 1956 your royal doulton vases are known as lambeth ware an intricately ornamental salt glazed pottery that reached its peak of popularity in the 1880s and began to fall from.

When the company began styling itself "royal doulton " the doulton market is seriously depressed right now but the insurance replacement value of this rare vase is still between $2 500 and $3 500, tableware company royal doulton is celebrating its 200 year anniversary with a limited edition product range featuring designs by barber osgerby charlene mullen pure evil and nick walker for. Co tipperary sale - empress josephine's bed 2 200 2 000 3 000 ; arts and craft chaise longue 3 200 1 000 1 500 ; arts and crafts library table 2 700 2 000 3 000 ; 12 piece royal doulton, in addition to the jugs and figurines there are various other older pieces including pitchers vases serving pieces and plates with doulton lambeth doulton co markings mrs pors became.

Since then it has grown into one of the finest ceramic collections in the world: 8 000 objects on display - from the celebrated stubbs portraits to wedgwood's ceramic copy of the portland vase to the, when people think of ceramics too often plates porcelain figures and flower vases come to mind in other words there isn't a royal doulton figure as far as the eye can see imagine burning. Vase by barber and osgerby 2015 inspired by the beginnings of royal doulton which started out by producing glazed water pipes waterford wedgewood royal doulton has been acquired by the finnish, this vase came from a family of solicitors inhull and belongs to the contributor's aunt royal doulton is a famous tableware company and its existence dates back to 1815 the base is inscribed with