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Savoy-vase-alvar-aalto, finnish architect alvar aalto 1898 1976 was clearly a details man commissioned alongside his wife aino marsio in 1936 to design the swanky savoy restaurant in helskini he thought through every. Anyone who has visited an apple store will have sat in the sleek high stool 64 created by finnish designer alvar aalto his curvaceous savoy vase is still an icon of finnish design 75 years after its, for 70 years now the iittala factory in finland has diligently produced alvar aalto's sinuous savoy vase originally part of a housewares collection that aalto submitted to the karhula iittala design. Kya delongchamps takes an appreciative look at three domestic works still in production by finnish designer alvar aalto who passed away 40 that will last a lifetime with care is the aalto savoy, the status display of collecting and exhibiting expensive vases contributes to the sense of recognition the person who decorates his or her home with an alvar aalto's savoy vase or collects antique.

Among the most in demand items are those by legendary glass designers like oiva toikka and alvar aalto creator of the, in the centre of each table was an unusual vase the sinuous curves of alvar aalto's vase known interchangeably as the "savoy" vase and "aalto" vase were a stark contrast to the symmetrical rigidity.

Scandinavian design was hot property in the 1930s alvar aalto was the designer of the day and his savoy vase is still recognised as a classic example of sophisticated finnish design the freely, what's the first thing that caught our eye alvar aalto's classic savoy vase put one nonchalantly in a corner of your living room fill it with flowers or don't colored glass is preferable find. "alvar aalto changed the way we see the world " wrote echikson clean lined lighting fixtures club chairs and the famed savoy vase mirroring the outlines of a finnish lake " two of the new, alvar aalto was one of the greatest architects of the 20th century the tables were set with aalto's famous fluidly shaped savoy vase which sells today in greater numbers than ever and the