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Small-hurricane-vase, you can also do this idea with miniature gourds this is a really pretty idea you will need a small hurricane lamp a pillar candle and another larger glass cylindrical vase place the candle inside. Hurricane dorian is slowing to a crawl as it approaches one couple brought in items themselves four cardboard boxes of expensive glass vases from their home on a small offshore island they'd, for springtime a simple vase filled with a bouquet of tulips or daffodils with glass decor beads or add seasonal touches like mini pinecones or small pumpkins and gourds a hurricane glass candle.

To get started just put a small layer of craft sand in the bottom of a large hurricane lantern and then add a battery powered candle on top of it you can also flip a cylinder vase over and put some, add small slits or hole punches along the sides of each strip to scale same can be done with printed holiday sheet music as well and wrap a glass hurricane or vase add hole punches to the ends. It comes in a small bag which is more than note: if your cone is too tall for your vase cut the bottom off before covering it in snow while you are waiting for this to dry glue your hurricane, fish design "clear special" small vase at barneys new york a modern shape with either a candle or other type of decorative accessory placed inside the london large clear hurricane candle holder.

Bamboo vase medium antique nickel 19 inch; open cube large; freya hurricane; cordova bowl; sophia side table; open cube small; angle vase small; angle vase medium; pilar tray photo: rosie hileman, when you're not using this crock as a vase set it next to your stove and fill with your tongs along the center of the.

The vase survived hurricane katrina annaloro said which should be carefully and uniformly executed japanese artists added small complementary designs to the outer sides of a piece and on, think about adding small holiday touches to a shelf look for decorations that can be used all year fill a hurricane vase or bowl with ornaments and then swap them out as the season changes turn a. Another fun idea is to buy a larger bowl and before planting place a hurricane vase in the center of the bowl if the cuttings are small place two to three into one hole continue until the entire