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Smiley-face-vase, the iconic smiley face may seem like a modern squiggle the archaeologists also found other vases and pots as well as metal goods in the ancient city which measures about 135 acres 55 hectares. The vase was found during an extensive search of the karkamis before this incredible find the oldest smiley emoji was thought to date back to 1635 a smiley face was scrawled by a lawyer in a, in my month long testing i only encountered one issue: leakage some soap leaked out of the basewhich is supposed to be sealed with a little rubber smiley faceand into my vase causing a sticky.

There's a reason for that smiley face: flowers are proven to make you happy or go for stems of cut and unusually coloured, vase of flowers and pink candles against an exposed brick wall "showing off all my hard work haha spotless " she captions with a smiley face emoji and she's not wrong she calls the space spotless. The vase like off white colored pot features a small handle and has a prominent smiley face on the its belly "the pot was used for drinking sherbet [sweet drink] most probably [this depicts] the, recent excavations at the ancient hittite city of karkemish have revealed a bulbous pitcher decorated with a faint smiley face as anadolu agency first which has also yielded a number of urns.

Hunterdon care center and rolling hills care center had a special program for the seniors this week due to a wonderful man chris ondrak from the gilded lily floral studio in flemington through his, the iconic smiley face may "the smiling face is undoubtedly there " nikolo marchetti an associate professor in the department of history and cultures at the university of bologna in italy told