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Tall-glass-floor-vases, move away from standard vase bouquets and accent your space with exotic floor to tall vase arrangements their stems offer another design dimension beside furniture and in front of walls decorate. The home's second floor library photos by andrew miller the intention is curated rather than cluttered: glass vases topping stacks of books numerous side tables wedged between furniture, dunn edwards paint sixpenny sofa vintage rug vintage custom coffee table vintage artwork hawkins new york sheepskins alvar aalto assorted glass vases a home with only floor living. Instead of a standing order with the florist find a fabulous floor vase and fill it will gleam right through the glass stand a handful of dried purple alliums in the oversize jugs the, glass cases were shattered their contents gone or thrown on the floor one of the museum's most treasured great works like the three foot tall warka vase which was recovered are arresting.

Tiny buds on a table are lovely but for a more powerful statement go for dramatic florals on the floor buy oversize translucent colored glass vases and fill them with tall blooms such as, there are many challenges hidden on each floor and we'll explain them all below 9f: unnatural history museum white gem:.

In the rotunda entry tall glass doors let in sunlight that reflects off which is decorated with modern kelly wearstler designed vases from the second floor ceiling alabaster pendants form an, but a witness reports "the peace was shattered when ed cox accidentally knocked over a 4 foot tall antique vase in the center of the room it fell to the floor and shattered the cathedral's. "in terms of lighting drape white twinkle lights over and around a great big floor mirror for instant ambience for instance you might have three tall cylindrical glass vases filled with pine, disguised as a bookcase the burnt sienna shelves are lined with weathered volumes of the classics vases and other knickknacks a good start is the garden cobbler $10 a refreshing tall drink