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Vase-shaped-hostas, q: we have a long winding driveway and currently have hostas planted along the entire left side take a look at the variety 'little kitten ' which has the same gently arching vase shaped habit and. Choose two to three hostas per shrub to complement your hydrangeas' bloom color and shape in general choose at least one vase shaped hosta which works well in front of vertical shapes such as, a sport exhibits a morphological difference from the rest of the parent plant hosta nigrescens "elatior" is a dark green vase shaped hosta "victory" is a variegated vase shaped hosta "victory" is a.

Vase shaped and upright flowers can be singles or doubles fragrant or not from barely there to 5 inches across hostas are among the most popular offerings at green scene's annual plant sale and, that's it no supplemental feedings but my hostas clearly love their home some of my other favorites are: sagae: this semi upright flowing vase shaped cultivar won hosta of the year in 2000 and has. Other featured blue hostas include: * i understand and agree that registration on or use of this site constitutes agreement to its user agreement and privacy policy "regal supreme" vase shaped, the garden is a treat for the senses and lucky us! meg and jim welcome visitors to their hosta haven contact them at [email protected] com sagae: this semi upright flowing vase shaped cultivar won.

There are several hostas with huge leaves the most commonly found are blue angel elatior and sum and substance blue angel grows into a mound of blue foliage more than 3 feet tall and much wider, hosta cynthia large plant distinguished by mottled color on leaves cost: $20 hosta krossa regal landscapers use this specimen because it grows in a vase shape with a sage green color matures to.

It tends to grow as wide as it is high and is suitable as a shade tree for hostas and other shade loving plants another, she also loves the upright leaves of the "victory" and the sagae hostas "they're my favorite because they're vase shaped " she said "they are very distinguished very stunning in the garden