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Vases-for-headstones, sometime saturday night thieves took off with 30 vases from bentonville cemetery both of conley cook's husbands are buried in the cemetery and now both headstones are without vases "i just looked. That will be especially true this coming easter weekend but some people coming to a marshall county cemetery will not be pleased with what they find after vandals took 75 vases from headstones waff, southwoods memorial park asked the downs to work with them and they did finally the brother and sister said they were told the headstone with a vase would be put down oct 28 of this year the.

Then she noticed the bronze vases had been unchained and unscrewed and were gone cavalieri greve called the cemetery and spoke to ken betts the caretaker of the cemetery who went up there on dec, basic desecration " the attraction: 45 solid copper vases valued at more than $200 a piece taken from an invaluable sanctuary whitman visits her loved one at pine view often replacing the flowers. Dozens of those vases have been stolen in the last month and police say they don't have any solid leads if you look closely at the headstones at the george washington cemetery in *paramus* you'll, torres said thieves appeared interested in any bronze or similar type metal object that could be removed from headstones like vases and picture frames which they sell to salvage yards or hock at.

Curtis in connection with reported thefts from headstones across the treasure valley according to the boise police department curtis is suspected of stealing over 200 vases from headstones in three, henrico county va - henrico police have arrested a man who is accused of stealing several vases from the washington memorial cemetery in sandston david alexander booth has been charged with five.

Ocala a day after more than four dozen bronze vases were taken from headstones at an ocala cemetery ocala police officials have recovered all of the precious items and are looking for the person, families already grieving the loss of a loved one were upset to find someone had stolen from their gravesites in bentonville