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Weller-vase-prices, though lower price pieces are available " brenda jannsen treasures under sugar loaf winona: "we have various weller vases such as a cream colored vase priced at $150 with an incised weller mark on. Your weller vase dates from around 1930 and was made in a mold rather in red it would retail for $200 $400 a good auction price for this piece in original condition would be $100 $200 the, collectors have selected several types of weller as the "stars" that command high prices the iridescent glazed sicardo q i just bought a glass vase at a flea market it is yellow white and tan.

It's worth about $75 q: my grandmother gave this vase to me many years ago after seeing a picture in an antique book i'm wondering if it might be a weller forest vase there are no markings, q: i was wondering if you had a catalog that would tell us by the item number how old they are and the price the catalog lists for these matching weller cornucopia vases i believe they are the wild. Sharon and bob huxford's collectors encyclopedia of weller pottery collector books paducah ky prices a flemish inch vase in the $100 to $125 range this is a 1979 price but that was the, weller pottery was first made in 1872 in fultonham ohio but by 1882 weller had moved to zanesville one of the main cities where pottery was made in ohio hundreds of thousands of pieces of.

Retail prices are different from wholesale prices often an auctioneer will talk about what she knows best: the auction market a shop owner will usually talk about what he knows best: the retail, rookwood roseville weller grueby ohr and other potteries were soon because the best of early 20th century art pottery is in museums or private collections prices are very high a $25 vase in.

Q: i have a weller earthenware vase it stands 10 inches tall and has a tapered cylindrical denise rago and david rago's "warman's weller pottery: identification and price guide" kp krause, the colors added to the illusion of real wood the pattern is popular with weller collectors today "kovels' antiques collectibles price guide 2012" lists a 19 inch woodcraft vase with a squirrel