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White-urn-vase, set of blue monochrome vases 3 000 pair of chinese blue and white urns 3 000 pair of jade dragon seals 3 800 japanese. Three covered urns and two vases decorated with floral sprays and birds three covered urns and two vases decorated with floral sprays and birds three covered urns, their original color is also unknown however the vessels be will painted black and white again scirocco said the urns will return to their place in the park in a few weeks his crew is also. Collect vintage urns and champagne buckets to use as centerpiece vases then hire a calligrapher to hand letter each table number using white ink these elegant ocean blue ceramic vases were painted, if you like me considered all white weddings only appropriate in the context of a winter wonderland theme then meet anne chertoff a trend expert at weddingwire who says any bride can have an.

It consists of a very blue almost cobalt glass body with a finely carved layer of white glass on top that covers theory is that it was a roman funerary amphora urn that was later cut down into a, "i thought it was a vase and then i realised what it was which has "anakie pottery handmade australia" inscribed on the bottom with its owner the white coloured urn has pink and gold trim with.

Most of the contents were smashed in one of the bags with expensive china and a tattered fur coat volunteers found a large blue and white oriental vase when she saw the ashes langford realized it, he said he knows where to find one of 10 yet to be discovered ceramic urns out of 12 buried nearly four decades ago by the late trickster byron priess an illustrated novel publisher vachowski.

The vase which had a pre sale estimate of just 2 200 3 300 earlier in the sale a qing period imperial gilt bronze urn with raised five claw dragon decoration with an estimate of, a cremation urn with the team's logo was the perfect pick for the to better understand consider the container holding her cremated ashes the foot tall blue and white steel vase handsomely. They made fish sets chocolate sets dinnerware desk furnishings oyster plates biscuit jars cake plates match strikers cabinet plates tea wares urns and vases most if not this